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World Cup Final Tim Thraves

My name is Tim Thraves and I am a football commentator for Newport County A.F.C. as well as being the public address announcer for the club since the mid 1970s.

I was fortunate enough to be at the World Cup final in 1966 as well as the semi final against Portugal and the Portugal v Russia game on the Thursday evening at Wembley. My late Father was a director of Newport County and had access to tickets.

I have retained my ticket for the final, which is framed, and also have three tickets for the semi final. My parents were there as well!

I also have a piece of paper with 6 West German autographs signed. My sister was living in Welwyn Garden City at the time and met Franz Beckenbauer at the German hotel in Hertfordshire and he got the signatures for me.

Although I can't find my World Cup Willie mascot I do have my rosette and Charles Buchan's football monthly and soccer star publications.

I listened to the Jeremy Vine show last Friday and am hence contacting you.

I am featured in a book, which is coming out this year with my recollections of the final with my story of how my late Father purchased my ticket for the final. My parents had two for themselves and my father purchased mine on the Thursday night.

Tim Thraves

Memory added on August 29, 2016

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