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What are your memories of 1966?

Maybe it was meeting your idol and discovering that they were everything you hoped they would be. Perhaps it was a special moment that you can still see when you close your eyes. Maybe it was something more personal. Sometimes it's not about what you are watching, but who you are watching it with. Maybe the moments you remember most are ones involving yourself.

We want to hear all your memories of the year when England lifted the Jules Rimet Trophy on 30th July 1966. Tell us about the music, transport, fashion, TV and of course, what was life like during the World Cup.

How did you follow the tournament? Did you listen to radio commentaries or watch in black and white on a TV? Were you lucky enough to get tickets to go to see any of the group matches? Were you at Wembley for the final?

Did a relative or friend go? Could you interview them and share their memory on this site? Flick through all the memories submitted so far, pick your favourite … then tell us all about it. Click on Add a Memory to submit your stories or email them to

A new exhibition of memories collected from the 1966 World Cup launches later this year, thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. The exhibition will celebrate the glory of 1966 and the legacy of England’s win fifty years after the event.

The National Football Museum, the Sporting Memories Network, and the Football Association have partnered to deliver the exhibition, which will be on show at the museum’s Manchester home and Wembley Stadium this summer.

A major focus will be around collecting the memories of players, fans and ordinary people affected by the famous World Cup win.

Stories that make a difference

These memories will also be used in the ground breaking work with Sporting Memories Network and the National Football Museum across Greater Manchester that is set to support older fans and to tackle dementia, depression and loneliness.

10 weekly sporting memories groups will be established across the region and up to 60 health and social care staff will attend training at the museum. National Football Museum staff and volunteers will be trained in the use of exhibits and artefacts to trigger memories and reminiscences. To volunteer or find out more, contact us

Memories of 1966 has been made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund North West