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World Cup Final John Nutkins

I was 18 in 1966 working in Wembley. At the time I was also a Rover
Scout in Stanmore and District Scouts.

The District had a concession from British Rail to sell at Wembley Hill Station soft drinks 'Jublee' on their premises to raise money for the Jamboree Fund. We sold these at 6d each with 1 1/2p going to the funds.

We were supposed to stay on BR property but needless to say we tended to wander on to the area in front of the Stadium. I guess that as we were all in our uniforms (shorts in those days) nobody bothered us.

When the whistle blew to start each game at Wembley the Ticket Touts who were in possession of unsold tickets gave them to us for free and that was for every match including the Final. We would take our boxes of drinks into the Stadium and sell them to the spectators around us. Bit different today in both respects.

I remember the Final in particular as the tickets my friend and I were given were in the middle of the German spectators. When Germany scored hundreds around us were celebrating. When England scored I think it was quite obvious who we supported. It was good humoured and we even sold all our drinks to them.

John Nutkins

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