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World Cup Final Anna Pendlebury

Listening to your programme I was 12 years old and whilst the World Cup final was being played I was sat on the beach in Bordighera Italy.

My dad was sat in the hotel tv room watching the final on tv .He was listening to an Italian commentary. Sat next to him were Italians and one German. Of course at the end of the match the German was pleased, but after extra time of course England won. Everyone in the hotel tv room was cheering my dad patting him on the back, as the German got up from his chair my dad went to shake his hand but the German refused and walked off in disgust. Word got around on the beach and we Brits could do no wrong, Italians were coming up to us cheering and praising us and we didn’t pay for anything the rest of the day and evening. All were so happy for us except the German !!!

Anna Pendlebury

Memory added on August 25, 2016

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