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I was thirteen on the 1st January in 1966 and my memories for that year were entirely centred on two subjects football and my classmate a certain Miss Marilyn Bonny. Yes I discovered girls or more to the point a girl, I was infatuated with her but could barely even speak to her without blushing I needed something to take my mind off of her.


Over the previous six months I had broken into the School 1st X1 and that allied to my support for my local team Queens Park Rangers (which still exists today) I as pretty keen on the game. I lived just 2 miles from Wembley and i was fortunate enough to be chosen as a ball boy I was dressed in Hungary kit for the opening ceremony and 'officiated' at the England v Uruguay and England v Argentina matches at Wembley and Uruguay v France at Whte City. I had tickets for all England matches up to the final which I watched on our black and white telly after waving at all the supporters on the road to Wembley which passed the top of our road.


After the game my friends and I went to Kensington to see the players arrive at their hotel and we were rewarded by glimpses of our heroes.


Incidentally Marilyn and I became friends and she married a good buddy of mine


Denis Brandom

Memory added on February 28, 2016

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