9 - Broadcasting the Tournament Jeff Bottom: working on the World Cup at Television Centre

I did work on the World Cup in 1966 as a Technical Operator in the car park of Television Centre.

My main work was for foreign radio, using a mobile studio as a mixing point for 4 commentaries from different matches, linked from the studio. The client was RAI radio in Italy. At other times the studio was used for programmes to other countries, especially Russia and South America. There were no television feeds to South America in those days. I remember after, I think it was Brazil was knocked out there was a broadcast to South America being taken by every station there that went on well into the night, blaming everyone except the team!!!

Unfortunately I was not at any of the football grounds ( I had little interest in the game I am afraid), so can contribute nothing of the sort of things I suspect you are looking for. In my box of oddments I still have the pass issued to me for the event (see picture right) , and possibly a recording of the Italian commentators. They had to use the phrase " and now over to *********2 so that I had some chance of mixing the programme as I had no Italian..

Jeff Bottom

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