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World Cup Final Keith Hardisty

As a 26 year-old Bank clerk, working for one of the then "Big Five" banks I volunteered to attend the local County Agricultural Show to help man the mobile bank sited there for the convenience of our customers.

Part of my job was to serve the odd alcoholic drink, tea, coffee, etc, as well as provide a cashiering service. I agreed to do this on the condition that I be allowed to take my transistor radio with me, so that I could at least listen to the match, with the volume turned down so that it would not be too noisy for our customers, to prevent any complaints from them, and to maintain as far as possible the normal banking decorum.

On the contrary, during the match, and especially during the second half and the extra time, our mobile bank caravan was filled to overflowing with mainly male drinkers, and I was requested to turn up the volume so that everyone could hear! When Kenneth Wolstenholme said "They think it's all over - it is now", the cheers from our caravan may well have been audible in the next county!

It may be almost 50 years ago, and I have been retired for 21 years, but that event was unforgettable, and remains one of the highlights of my career. What a day!

Keith Hardisty

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